Custom and Personalized Graduation Chocolate Party Favors

There are a number of milestone celebrations that parents look forward to their children accomplishing. High school graduation is at the top of most lists for parents. Graduation represents a pivotal point for kids becoming adults. My wife and I with our youngest son Anthony are pictured below.

Anthony has three older siblings, so we have been through graduations three times before. Each graduation has been special, but the last one is more emotional for my wife and me. The graduation day is very important, but the graduation party is a special celebration for family and friends.

Although a party favor may not be the most important aspect of any graduation party, our custom wrappers are keepsakes that capture the moment of the graduation party. Below is a design that we created for his party using the photo we took at his graduation.

Graduation 2017-10 Class of 2017 custom and personalized candy bar favor wrapper design

As you can see, many of your guests and family members would love to receive one of these custom candy bars. The wrappers may be easily placed in a scrapbook, on a refrigerator or any other place you may keep photos.

All graduation parties should be special and unique. Let us help you add a special touch to your celebration.
This candy bar design may be only the starting point for your final design. Before you place your order, you will see a full preview of the front and back. So, you will know exactly how it will look.

Give it a try! It is fast, easy and fun!

Having trouble or just need help with your design? Don’t worry, we are here to help. Give us a call at 888-410-2160 and we will help you or create the design for you.