Personalized Candy Bar Wrappers for Baby Shower Favors

Made with Hershey's milk chocolate candy bars

By default, all of the Baby Shower candy bar backs will be printed with the nutritional facts as displayed above. You may modify the two ingredient lines and the UPC code. If you would like to create a custom back, after you select your design below, click the customize button to be taken to the online designer. Once there there you may add text, graphics or even photos to fully customize your wrappers. There are a lot of choices for baby shower favors. Why not give your guests Hershey’s milk chocolate candy bars with custom wrappers. Our sample designs include wrappers for boys or girls and you may even include a sonogram photo of the baby. Have fun designing your custom and personalized wrappers and provide a fun baby shower favor for your guests.

Baby Shower Candy Bars

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